Workshop Schedule

Hi, folks.  I have been talking to various registrants around the
conference, and plan the following agenda for tomorrow’s workshop:

Coffee is available starting at 0800.

0830 – 0900: Welcome and stage setting (Ian)
:: a series of 15-minute perspectives
0900 – 0915: Allan Hanbury (position paper)
0915 – 0930: Ophir Frieder (Goergetown)
0930 – 0945: Doug Oard (UMd)
0945 – 1000: Steven Bedrick (OHSU)

1000 – 1030: Break

1030 – 1045  :: Anyone else present is welcome to speak on
1045 – 1100  :: what brings them to the workshop.
1100 – 1115  :: Slides are completely optional.
1115 – 1130  :: Slots are first-come, first served.
1130 – 1145
1145 – 1200

Lunch 1200 – 1300

1300 – 1330: Planning
Presume that a community evaluation following the ideas that have come
out of the morning discussions will take place next year, and that you
strongly intend to take part.  Identify four critical questions that
you need answered before you can commit.

1330 – 1415: hash out a plan to solve question 1
1415 – 1500: question 2

1500 – 1530: Break

1530 – 1615: question 3
1615 – 1700: question 4

1700 – 1730: wrap up and next steps


Gearing up for the workshop

So far, we have 18 people signed up to attend the workshop!  But we only received a single position paper.  That might be because everyone is stunned to silence by the strawman.  Or it might be because 18 people clicked the wrong radiobutton in their SIGIR registration.

But I bet it’s because there are a number of you planning to attend because it sounds neat, and you want to be involved in some way, but didn’t feel a position paper was the right contribution to make.  Which is fine, but does mean we have no idea who’s going to be in the room on August 16th.

Next week I expect to get some contact info for registered participants, and I will set up a small private mailing list based on that.  But before then, if you’d like to introduce yourself and give a bit of a hint on what’s bringing you to the workshop, please do so in the comments section of this post.